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Helping union trust funds and locals communicate with members since 1999.

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Social Networking and Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube are quickly becoming the primary means of communication among internet users. read more>>

industry standard tech

For the presentation and design of our products, we aim to use the most stable up-to-date solutions available. read more>>

unparalleled expertise

Our benefit websites provide just the right combination of simplicity and up-to-date detail that your participants demand. Designed and reviewed by expert benefit consultants and actuaries,'s BenefitTab™ summaries and other unique site features give users a view of their Plans unlike any other.

more than just a website's industry acclaimed benefit sites are the complete reference for your Plans. Most of our clients' customer service staff use the site as their homepage enabling prompt, consistent, and accurate answers to member questions.

we get it right

Whether it be Social Media, Mobile Apps, Participant Self-Service, Document/Agenda Management, or Online Remittances, is on top of the latest communication technology as it applies to your Plans. And we make sure we stay on top with new products and updates as the emerging technology evolves.

Benefits Consulting

Benefits Communication Consulting

Technology has conditioned us to expect information on demand, 24/7, 365 days a year. If we have a burning question about our health or retirement benefits at any moment, we expect to be able to find the answer online. read more>>

Benefit Websites

Benefit Website Design

Clarity in communication comes by design. Using the greater versatility of the web as a communications medium, has pioneered an effective information architecture that communicates clearly but at the same time preserves the carefully crafted plan language, caveats, and disclaimers necessary for the legal protection of the trust fund. read more>>

Participant Self Service

Participant Self Service/Pension Calculators designs an integrated web front-end for a variety of interactive self-service applications. Most administrative systems have now developed back-end capacities to service these transactions. Our front-end web applications are customized to integrate with your administrative system. If necessary, we can work with your IT staff to create the back-end module. read more>>

Online SPD Service

Online SPD Service & Delivery

Making available simply a PDF of your SPD doesn't do much to improve your participants' understanding of their benefits. SPDs and Plan Documents should be HTML formatted, indexed for instant access, searchable, linkable, print-capable, and equipped with navigational buttons for random browsing. read more>>


Safe Harbor Electronic Communications

Beginning in 2002, DOL and IRS rules granted multiemployer plans an expansion of this safe harbor that, in short, allows any participant with Internet access to opt-in to receive almost all plan communications electronically. In fact, government agencies are encouraging eligible plans to adopt paperless plan communications and are accommodating such programs when issuing relevant regulations. read more>>

Document Warehouse

Trustee Document Warehouse

The Document Warehouse is a secure central repository of all essential trust/plan documents accessible over the Internet. The warehouse can be updated/accessed by Plan staff, designated professionals, and Trustees. AgendaNow™ is a feature enabling trustees and plan professionals to download the entire Board meeting agenda package to their tablets or notebook computers with a single mouse-click. read more>>

Employer Remittances Online

Employer Remittances Online

Paper employer remittances are costly and time-consuming for both Employers and Administrators. They are also fraught with the potential to introduce errors into the health plan eligibility and pension accruals of participants. Electronic reporting with electronic funds transfer is an obvious way to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and decrease costs. read more>>

Template-Based Local Union Websites

Template-Based Local Union Websites

Your Local website should be the future hub of all communications with members. Using our proprietary content manager software, you can maintain a professional website on our servers with minimal time and expense. You can update your website in real-time to keep up with events and changing needs. read more>>

Grievance Tracking Portal

Grievance Tracking Portal

The Grievance Tracking Portal consolidates grievance reports, related documents, and notes, organizing them into an easy-to-use online, paperless - but print capable - online system that helps administrators keep an eye on deadlines, access important dates and documents with ease, as well as send and track case-specific communication. read more>>